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We are a lifestyle brand from Japan.

We started in 2021 in Tokyo.

All of our products are made in Japan, and we value the technology and traditions of Japanese craftsmen, aiming for cutting-edge design.

We use sophisticated designs and high-quality materials that make you want to touch them all the time and provide you with wonderful quality

that is simple yet luxurious.

We will disseminate the craftsmanship and thoughts from Japan to the world so that our fashion can create a positive effect on the earth.

We aim to connect people from all over the world and coexist with the environment, animals, and everything else.

Our fashion is a tool that gives confidence and is full of possibilities.

If you hate being too flashy but also don’t want to be too boring. We are here for you.

ROVELI exudes a sense of irreplaceability and understated elegance, with each garment designed to hold a permanent presence in your wardrobe.

We support women who are active in the world by giving them confidence and brilliance through fashion and style.

Take care of yourself, accept your personality, and be able to push yourself half a step further.

You can be as you are!

We hope your life will be delightful from tomorrow!

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